People today have discovered the serenity offered by the sound of cascading water. While once enjoyed only outdoors sitting by the lake or out on the ocean, you can now enjoy the same relaxing atmosphere and magic by choosing an indoor waterfall. The market is flooded with hundreds of incredible options such as the wall mounted waterfall, which comes in a wide array of choices.

The great thing about choosing a wall mounted waterfall is that you can choose a style that is rustic, one that is elegant, or perhaps something that makes a dramatic statement. Regardless of the exterior design, these waterfalls are all designed to produce the soothing sound of water. If you want to enhance the beauty of your home and create a tranquil setting at the same time, you can.

Some of the most popular wall mounted waterfalls are handcrafted, using materials such as slate, copper, stainless steel, pebbles, fiberglass, stones, and glass. Many people still think that waterfalls are difficult to maintain but in reality, they are virtually maintenance free. That means you can enjoy a gorgeous wall mounted waterfall in your home for years and not have to worry about messy cleanups.

To give you a few options when it comes to wall mounted waterfalls consider the copper style, which is truly magnificent. This particular style has a modern and elegant look that fits in nicely with many types of decorum. Keep in mind that by going with copper, you can decide on a number of different finishes. Then the background of the waterfall is designed with various materials, again such as slate, pebbles, stone, and glass. When choosing a copper waterfall that is handmade, you get the benefit of something unique.

One of the most amazing wall mounted waterfalls is a relatively new style called the Galaxy. When you look at this waterfall, you see a real work of art, something that draws the eyes towards it. The back of the waterfall is all hand painted directly onto a high-tech acrylic panel. This clear panel is then finished with a special sealant to protect the painting from dampness or water damage. Then the panel is carefully set into a copper frame and basin. Once the waterfall is turned on, the water calmly flows down the unpainted side of the panel, falling gently into the copper basin below. The visual and audio effects are absolutely, mesmerizing.

Another incredible example of a wall mounted waterfall is one that appears to be an actual painting. For example, there is one called the Terrace Café based on Van Gogh's famous painting. Similar to the Galaxy in style, this type of wall mounted waterfall is a true masterpiece. In addition, for a small fee, you have back lighting added that consists of a string of high-tech, no heat industrial strength lights that produce a wonderful twinkling effect similar to that of stars or fireflies.

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