If you are interested in designing an outdoor waterfall, then slate is probably one of the most beautiful and most realistic choices of material. With slate, you feel as though you have just walked deep into the forest to come upon a natural waterfall, beautiful and peaceful but in this case, the waterfall is in the privacy of your own backyard. In fact, some manufacturers of slate waterfalls make such incredible designs that you would never know the waterfall was not 100% natural. These fountains have sections, each strategically placed.

However, with an outdoor slate waterfall, the sections are connected in two primary ways. First, the sections may be grouted with a special type of mortar mix so each piece looks incredibly real. The second option is connecting sections that almost snap together. One of the great aspects of choosing a slate waterfall is that you can design them in all types of shapes, sizes, and styles. That means if you have a large area, then you could choose a long stream waterfall but if your backyard area is limited, you have options for smaller styles.

One of the longer slate waterfalls measures 38 inches wide by 83 inches long. The depth of this particular waterfall is 18 inches deep and the result stunning. However, remember these waterfalls come in many different sizes. With the snap together option being so easy and convenient, you can design your own scheme, which makes the process much more fun. Keep in mind that slate waterfalls are extremely durable and strong. Therefore, your slate waterfall will last forever, never deteriorating.

Because of the convenience of the slate waterfalls on the market today, if you want to change the location, scheme, or even disassemble the waterfall altogether to take with you to another home, you can. In addition, when shopping for a slate waterfall, work with a company that will provide you with a full guarantee against rotting, breaking, or any other potential problem. With the sections of the slate waterfall being prefabricated, you save money and you same a tremendous amount of time when it comes time to assemble it. However, you want to ensure you purchase a prefabricated waterfall that will not leak.

Many times, people will choose a slate waterfall connected with a beautiful pond. By choosing the two, you can then add all types of beautiful plants and even Koi fish or other fish species. Once the waterfall and pond is set up, you and your family can sit outdoors and enjoy the tranquility produced by the appearance and sound of the water.


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