To enhance any garden or outdoor area, a garden waterfall made from rock is an exceptional option. This type of waterfall is sturdy, durable, and natural looking. Your friends and family will marvel at the beauty of your fountain. Best of all, these fountains can be placed within the garden itself, in the front of the home, at the base of your deck or patio, or perhaps as an addition to an existing pond. Regardless, the look is truly beautiful.

For starters, you could choose a garden waterfall made from rock that is so realistic no one will know the difference. All of the colors are molded directly onto the waterfall’s surface, making it a part of the waterfall. Then, instead of just painting on cheap paint, you think you are looking at actual rock. The construction of these waterfalls is also spectacular and as tough as fiberglass. Again, the appearance is amazingly realistic but best of all; the waterfall only weighs 70 pounds. Be sure to look for a garden waterfall that is both weather and chemical resistant, and that comes with a pump.

Stepping up a bit, the Alpine style costs around $2,000, but the investment is well worth every cent. Made from the highest quality materials, this fountain also looks amazingly realistic, both in finish and in texture. Weighing 130 pounds, this style of fountain measures 77 inches high and 55 inches wide, but most companies will have it shipped via truck with workers that place it in the location where you want it. You can generally purchase the Alpine style waterfall in three different colors to include iron rock, granite, and desert sand. Complete with quality pump, you literally plug it into a standard three-prong 110-volt outlet, fill with water, and enjoy.

Now, if you want a garden fountain made from faux rock that has a tropical feel, then you could choose one designed with both waterfall and pond. Again, this fountain looks very, real and weighs about 140 pound. Available in several colors, you can set this up and sit back to enjoy the beautiful “rock” formation and the sound of water as it trickles down over the rocks and into the pond below. With the include pond feature, you can add plants and fish as well.

Finally, another type of garden waterfall is a little smaller, measuring 21 inches high by 32 inches wide. This fountain comes in many different finishes and has a realistic texture. The waterfall is completely self-contained, meaning you do not have to worry about any plumbing. The only thing you need to consider is that the hot summer months will cause the water to evaporate so you want to keep the level to where it should be and in the winter months, the waterfall can stay outdoors. However, the pump should be removed so the waterfall is dry.


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