If you are looking for a way to enhance your home, a way to create an environment that is peaceful and relaxing then perhaps you should consider a floor waterfall fountain. These fountains are not your typical type fountain but actual pieces of art that can turn an ordinary room into a special place. Without doubt, floor waterfall fountains look stunning and make a unique statement for any room of the house.

When looking for a floor waterfall fountain, you will find numerous choices but the ones handcrafted are indeed the best. In this case, all-natural materials are used to create magnificent designs to include copper, chrome, ceramic, glass, pebbles, slate, and more. However, the best part of floor fountains, even the finest designs, is that they are practically maintenance free. With just a little bit of care, your fountain will provide you with years of peaceful enjoyment.

A great option is the tower wave, floor fountain that is absolutely, gorgeous. This particular style is designed so water actually flows out of holes that are a part of the horizontal copper piece. As each drop of water comes out, it flows down slowly and gracefully, providing a shimmering effect. In fact, when you look at it, the water appears as though it is tiny waves making its way down the tower, thus the name. The water then falls softly into the basin at the bottom, creating a soft, soothing sound.

Another great option for a floor waterfall fountain is one made from multiple layers of ceramic. In this case, a master ceramic artisan creates a design that is elegant, soothing, and downright beautiful. This style is graceful, making the perfect addition to any home. With a European garden style, the colored ceramic pieces add sparkle and shine that is mesmerizing to watch as the water flows down. Because the pieces of glazed ceramic are all hand done, you have the guarantee that no two waterfall fountains are the same.

The cast stone waterfall fountain is also beautiful. Used primarily indoors, this style brings about an Old World charm that is difficult to capture. The design includes stones that are cast into molds, each meticulously placed. Then, you can choose from several color finishes, going with something that enhances your home. The quality water pump provides just the right amount of water flow, creating a relaxing sound that is difficult to define.

Finally, if you want something that keeps with the Feng Shui practice, then perhaps the Japanese ceramic tea garden fountain would be the ideal choice. This fountain weighs about 60 pounds and is stunning. The nice thing about the tea garden fountain is that it looks wonderful on a back patio or deck or indoors. The basin is all handcrafted and in the shape of a Natsume, which translates to Japanese tea canister. Although rustic, there is a certain charm about this style of floor waterfall fountain as the water circulates from the basin of water and then gently trickles down the sides.

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