When trying to decide on the right type of fountain for your garden, patio, deck, or any place on your property, you might feel a little overwhelmed considering all the choices you have. However, one type of fountain that evokes tranquility is the bamboo fountain. For centuries, the Chinese and Japanese people have been using bamboo in one form or another to move water. The gentle sound produced is peaceful, helping you to relax and get rid of the day’s stress.

Bamboo fountains, also called Kakei, are the ideal solution for enhancing the side of a pond, waterfall, regular flower garden, and because they come in so many different sizes and styles, can be used in huge yards or on balconies of small apartments. When shopping around for a bamboo fountain, we suggest you find one that has been handcrafted and that comes with the traditional Japanese horizontal t-bar style spout. This will give you the true look of the Japanese fountain to be enjoyed by the entire family. Typically, these fountains would come with an inner liner of tubing, which makes setting the pump up a breeze.

Again, Japanese bamboo fountains come in all sizes so simply choose the one that works best with the area where you plan to place it. Probably one of the most popular designs is called the “deer chaser” or Shishi-Odoshi. Originally created as a means of scaring off deer from Japanese fields and boars from crops, today, the deer chaser, bamboo fountain is a simple yet elegant design. With this fountain, water flows from the bamboo fountain, which then fills the knocking portion (makes a sound, thus the name deer chaser), and spills the water into the basin.

While there are many other styles of bamboo fountains, this one is unique and beautiful. In addition, you will find a number of variations of the deer chaser. To ensure the fountain operates, as it should, you will also need a large fountain pump. Choose one that is UL listed, one that has a built-in flow control so you can easily adjust the flow of the water, a long enough cord to reach the location where you placed the fountain, and a warranty. Typically, the best pump will pump 220 gallons per hour, which again, is plenty for the deer chaser, bamboo fountain as well as the bamboo spout.

Finally, to authenticate the appearance of your Japanese bamboo fountain, you might add a tea garden ladle. These ladles are usually placed in or near a Japanese tea garden and then used for cleansing the hands and mouth, an ancient act of purifying both mind and body. Placing a natural bamboo ladle near your garden fountain makes it look just like the ones in Japan.


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