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Waterfall fountains are a wonderful way to add ambience indoors or outdoors. This type of fountain features cascading water, providing the calming sound of trickling water and a mesmerizing view. Because of popularity of the waterfall fountain, you will find more styles available today than at any other time. You can buy a small or large fountain, one that is simple or quite elaborate, something rustic or sophisticated, you name it - you can find it.

Waterfall fountains are inspiring. Made from durable material, water is recirculated to create a natural flow as if looking at a mountain stream. In this article, we will discuss some of the favorite styles to consider. Remember, no matter what your outdoor decor or style, you can be sure there will be many wonderful models to consider.


One waterfall fountain looks like a tall mountain with rugged and jagged pieces jutting out. Made to look exactly like a regular rock waterfall, this fountain is very affordable and is actually lightweight. Made from synthetic materials, the body of the fountain is actually made from fiberglass. This fountain comes with a quality electric pump and a standard 110 outlet.

Canyon Wall

Another popular choice is similar but more like a canyon wall where at the basin you would find fresh vegetation. This waterfall is absolutely stunning, made with a fiberglass body but with wrought iron accents. Perfect for any outdoor area, this is a wonderful piece that comes with a recirculating electric pump, five-foot cord, and standard 110 volt outlet.


A little different type of waterfall fountain is one that is an arch stone. This is a great accent piece that is made from lightweight yet durable resin. Although the fountain looks a lot like natural stone, it is synthetic. With the style available in several colors and finishes and covered on all sides of the fountain, you can hang this anywhere. Best of all, this fountain does not require any installation.

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