The great thing about water fountains is that they come in so many different models and sizes. Because of this, you can enjoy a water fountain on your desk at work, on a coffee table in your living room, or hanging from a wall, taking up a large space. Remember, that every style of fountain, whether a table fountain, wall fountain, or floor fountain, they all come in a variety of sizes. Therefore, if you want a wall fountain but have just a small space - no problem.

Therefore, if you want a fountain, start by determine the type you like best and from there, you can choose the right size. Start with the wall fountain, which is stunning and elegant. You can buy these to hang vertically or horizontally so they fit well on all wall surfaces. Now, if you want a wall fountain, be sure to carefully measure the wall space first, including the distance to the ceiling, door or window jambs, fireplace, or whatever might be around the wall. If your walls are high, then a vertical fountain would be the better choice whereas shorter walls would look best with a horizontal fountain.

With a wall fountain you also want to consider the depth of the fountain. For this, think about walkway so people do not run into it as they enter a room. To measure correctly for a wall fountain, you could use the four corner approach. With this, you would measure the fountain dimensions. Then, stick colored tap on the wall at the four corners where the wall would hang. You can then step back to see how it would look. The other measuring option is to outline, which you would actually outline the entire dimension of the fountain.

For tabletop fountains, you would generally choose a dimension that fits safely on the desk, table, or nightstand. For this space, look at the dimensions of the fountain and then place a similar size object, such as a phone book, where the fountain would be placed. With this, you can step back, look at the space and determine if you need a smaller or larger fountain. Since most tabletop fountains include some type of pebble in the design, you should be sure the fountain will be high enough for the right view.

Then you have floor fountains, which are beautiful, romantic, and peaceful. The nice thing about a floor fountains that because of the space available these fountains come in many larger sizes. Again, you would need to make sure the fountain was placed somewhere that would not be bumped and that it would fit the intended space nicely. Because you have so many options, if you have decided to purchase a fountain, you will have many choices to make your home or office more intriguing.

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