Many people bypass the opportunity to buy a water fountain simply because they believe the maintenance is a nightmare. In truth, if you buy the right type of fountain and follow some very simple steps, you can have a clean, sweet smelling fountain that will create an ambience of relaxation and peace. Today more than any other time, fountains are very popular, often found in homes, offices, out on decks and patios, and even on tabletops and desks.

In truth, water fountains require little work. After you have set the fountain up, you would just use a clean, damp cloth on the exterior to keep the fountain shiny and clean. In addition to the exterior, you can do a few things to keep the inside clean and running as it should. Remember, with the right care, your fountain should keep running for years.

Now, maintenance on the fountain depends largely on the type of fountain. Take the copper fountain for example. This style is very elegant and sophisticated, making it a popular choice for both home and office regardless of the decor. If you plan to buy a copper fountain, it would be worth a little more money to have a protective clear coat added. This powder coating is baked on with heat after which an enamel finish is applied. With this, the copper is protected so it does not turn green. If you already own a copper fountain, you can have it clear coated for very little money.

The maintenance of a copper fountain is easy. About every two to three months, purchase a product such as Turtle Wax Hard Shell and apply it directly to the copper areas. Then on a daily basis, you should take a soft cloth with normal household dusting spray. Just be sure you put the polish on the rag and not spray on the fountain where it could get into the water. When this happens, the pump could be damaged. Finally, you want to keep water droplets wiped off of the copper areas of the fountain to avoid discoloration.

If you have a natural copper finish fountain, then again, a standard household dusting spray applied to a soft cloth is the perfect way to clean. Just be sure you never use copper cleaner on a copper fountain in that the patina would be removed. In addition, you never want to use clear or wax polish since this too would remove the patina. Keep in mind that copper fountains normally go through various stages of oxidation. Therefore, while you can keep the copper sparkling bright, it might change appearance slights.

Stainless steel fountains are also very popular. These fountains are also very low maintenance because the non-porous surface makes it almost impossible for bacteria and other microorganisms to adhere. However, a common problem with a stainless steel is fingerprints, which show up easily. You can use a clean cloth or damp sponge to wipe the fingerprints away. Just be sure you never use anything abrasive since stainless steel will scratch.

Finally, acrylic fountains are always a nice choice of material for a fountain. However, to keep acrylic looking great, you will need to use a certain type of polish that is designed specifically for this material. Before you clean the fountain, be sure you drain out the water and then gently wipe the interior out with a chamois cloth. Remember that like stainless steel, acrylic also scratches. Therefore, choose mild products and never use anything abrasive.

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