The wall hanging fountains you see on the market are so unique and diverse, which has pushed their popularity. Then when you add in the fact that these fountains can be displayed and used indoors and outdoors, the number sold increases even more. For example, the outdoor fountain that depicts an angel and child is simply inspiring. This particular design would also look beautiful in a foyer or courtyard. Measurements of 18.25 x 10.5 x 30.25 inches make this fountain ideal for a number of locations. The style has a gorgeous stone finish with Greco-Roman elements that make this a timeless fountain.

Another unique fountain, which can be used on your deck or inside the home is one made with a natural-colored stone finish with a sculpted design that might include birds, flowers, or dragonflies. This style comes with a detachable splashguard as well as electric pump. To enhance the design of the fountain, there is an attached halogen light and to adjust the flow of the water, a variable speed control.

The copper powder finish wall hanging fountain is for indoor use. The design is elegant and sophisticated, featuring imported Indian hand-chipped solid slate tile. With the included quiet, adjustable pump, the overall results is a magnificent looking fountain that produces a soft and gentle sound. Make sure when buying a copper fountain that it has been sealed with a clear coat protective finish to keep the copper from turning green. For this particular wall hanging fountain, you will have choices of small, medium, and large sizes.

One of the newer styles of wall hanging fountains is a beautiful design that looks that three-dimensional flowers, framed as an actual picture. Depending on the scene you choose, you will find fields with wildflowers or tulips and hummingbirds, all in magnificent color. Then, you use batteries that help the water to flow from a flower petal going down the green leaves while birds in the background sing or chirp. With this, you can choose to listen to the gentle flow of the water with or without the other noise. Regardless, the fountain is truly unique, making an excellent gift.

Another wall hanging fountain that has recently been introduced is one that looks that an actual painting. For instance, you might find one measuring 27.5 x 6 x 48 inches with all hand-cast designs. On the opposite side of the panel is a magnificent painting and on the front side, recirculating water. The great thing about this style of fountain is that you have a huge choice of “painting” styles. Therefore, if you prefer something modern, country, rustic, elegant, and so on, you will have a number of choices.


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