If you have an area outdoors where you love to sit and relax after a busy day at the office, you can create a serene atmosphere with an outdoor wall fountain. As you will discover in this article, there are a number of wonderful styles and designs. Listening to the steady flow of water is a great way to relax and the beauty of the fountain will enhance any yard. If your space is small, no need to worry because these wall fountains are available in a number of sizes. Additionally, you will love the various designs that work with any outdoor décor.

One of the more popular outdoor wall fountains is one that features a stone angel. The sound of the water is mesmerizing and the angel watching over you provides an added sense of peace. This classic fountain has a beautiful, weathered stone finish that is extremely durable while also being elegant and graceful. The design of this fountain is inspired by European fountains where an angel theme is quite common. With the old world charm, you cannot help but love everything about this fountain. Weighing just 20 pounds and complete with a variable speed, recirculating pump, you have everything you need to create a magnificent resting place.

Another option for your outdoor wall fountain is one with an antique bronze look. Designed from high quality, durable cast stone the fountain measures 26 x 17 inches and can be purchased for less than $100. This fountain has a nice flair that would be ideal for any home. In fact, some people choose this particular Archimedean design for the home’s foyer. In either case, the fountain is gorgeous and is available in a patina finish as well. Using a sturdy nail, screw, or hook, the fountain appears as a magnificent piece of art that just happens to provide the soothing sound of flowing water.

Of course, the outdoor wall fountain designed with autumn leaves is also a popular choice. Tastefully designed, this fountain is also made from high quality, durable cast stone. Again, you have your choice of a patina finish or if you prefer, greenstone, both which look beautiful. With the leaf motif, the autumn leaves wall fountain fits perfectly on any deck or patio. However, if you prefer, it could even be hung in the home’s foyer. The design is indeed excellent and for less than $80, a real bargain.

Finally, the classic sandstone garden, wall fountain is one you can never go wrong choosing. This particular design evokes a sense of grace and elegance. Made with exceptional care and expertise, you will find that friends and family offer one compliment after another. This outdoor wall fountain measures 32 x 18 x 12 and comes with a UL listed, variable speed, and recirculating pump. Although a little more expensive, around $200, the price is well worth the stunning fountain design and high quality materials.


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