People have since the beginning of time found something very mystical and magical about sitting on the beach, rocks by a stream, or on the banks of a river to listen to the sound of water. Water has long been a means of relaxation, peace, and tranquility. Because of this, the concept of the indoor water fountain came to light several years ago. Today, you will find many homes that feature some type of water fountain, complementing the decor while providing your own slice of heaven.

With indoor water fountains, you can choose from something small to sit on a table or choose a fountain so large that it takes up an entire wall. Regardless of the fountain type you choose, the result will be a transformation of the room, turning into a quiet oasis. The nice aspect of adding an indoor water fountain to your home is that they come in all price ranges, colors, materials, sizes, textures, and styles, meaning there is something for everyone.

No matter what the style of your home, you will find hundreds of designs that would blend perfectly with a rustic, elegant, sophisticated, traditional, or dramatic decor. Depending on the water fountain you choose, you can opt for a style that is mass produced, meaning there will be many other people who own the very same fountain or you could choose to have one custom made. For this, some are designed using molds and others are actually hand carved. Now, if you are creative, you can purchase all the supplied needed to make your own indoor water fountain.

In addition, the material and finish of the fountain will dramatically change the appearance of the design. For example, you could go with an unpolished brass that would be beautiful in a country or transitional home. However, if the brass were buffed out and polished, it now becomes a modern or elegant piece. Other features from which you can choose include lightening, noise level, and even purpose. For instance, if you want a fountain to sit on a curved wall, then you could choose from a rounded fountain designed specifically for this type of space.

The challenge comes in choosing since there are so many different options. The key is to choose a fountain that enhances your decor but also one that meets your environmental needs. Obviously, one of the reasons for buying an indoor water fountain is to create a sense of tranquility. Therefore, you want to consider the location for your fountain along with the design, which will affect the water flow. The sound of the fountain will be determined by two things - the pump and the size of the water fall. For this reason, the smaller fountains are not as loud as the larger fountains. However, if you want a larger fountain you can always choose a quality pump and place stones in the bottom to help absorb some of the sound and of course, the fountain can be turned off at any time.

Indoor water fountains range in price from $100 to $5,000 and higher. Within this price range are wonderful choices. If you are not sure where to place your fountain, you might go back to the Feng Shui philosophy where placement is considered crucial. The fountains in this case should be placed to counteract any negative cycles, increase money flow, eliminate health and pain problems, improve careers, and influence romance. In other words, choose a place where your fountain can be viewed and heard, a place where it enhances but not overpowers. The bottom line is that no matter where you place your fountain or which model you buy, you will love what it brings to the home.

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