As the popularity of indoor wall fountains has grown, people are finding they live a life that is not as stressful. Indoor water fountains are an excellent way to enhance the beauty of the home while creating a space of relaxation and tranquility. The sound of the water as it trickles down the fountain coupled with the beauty of the light accents is truly a wonderful experience. Because you can find so many different sizes and designs, water fountains fit in with any size room. Then, you will discover numerous finishes and features to enhance any room decor. If you are thinking about buying a wall fountain, the question most often asked has to do with installation.

First, you will need to have someone there to help since it takes two people. The recommendation made by experts is to install a GFI electrical outlet in the wall located just behind the location where the fountain will be hung. If you are capable of doing this, fine but if not, you should have a qualified electrician do the job for you. By having this outlet installed, you will not see any cords hanging down the wall, which is very unsightly. Make sure the outlet is placed at the center of the fountain where it will hang on the wall or just behind where the hood or basin will set. Now, if you choose to have a double or triple wall panel fountain, you want the electrical outlet to be behind the left panel as you are facing the wall.

Now, you want to have the outlet wired to a wall switch so you can flip the fountain off and on easily. This will save you time and effort in fidgeting with the switch on the fountain. If the fountain will be hung high or behind furniture, the wall switch adds tremendous convenience. Keep in mind that if you decide you do not want to have the outlet installed, to help hide the cord you might place furniture or a plant of some kind below it.

Typically, a wall water fountain can be installed on just about any type of wall. In fact, if the wall is made from cinder block or even has metal wall studs, all you need is the right tools for the job. If the wall fountain you chose is heavy, then it would need to be installed directly into the studs for added strength. What you want to avoid is hanging the fountain to the plaster or sheetrock since this will damage both the wall and the fountain should it fall. Remember that every fountain comes with its own set of instructions so simply follow the guidelines provided.

Now, if you choose to go with a smaller or lighter fountain, you can hang this on the wall much like a normal picture if you like. Just to help you prepare, the standard tools required to hang your fountain include a flat head and Phillips head screwdriver, a hammer, level, pencil, stud finder, tape measure, masking tape, and cordless drill. With the help of a friend, you will have your fountain up and running in no time so you can relax and enjoy the wonderful sound of water.

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