As more and more people have begun to show interest in indoor fountains, we see the market now flooded with some very remarkable designs. For years, copper fountains were the most amazing material used and while it remains one of the top choices, another option has emerged in the glass indoor fountain. With this material, you will find designs to include frosted, etched, beveled, and other forms using glass. Best of all, glass is the perfect material to fit in with any home décor, whether contemporary or country.

Once such glass indoor fountain style has a beautiful arched top made from black or natural walnut. Then, the glass panel itself can be made in clear, gray, or even mirrored. The base of this particular style is your choice of white or black granite and then there are clear-coated copper columns. To enhance the basin of this fountain, you will receive beautiful, natural river stones. Finally, the glass fountain sits on your choice of dark brown or black laminated wooden box. The overall design is truly magnificent!

What you will discover is that many of the glass indoor fountains have a Chinese influence. With this, many of the styles are modern, almost sculpture-like, but some will also work well with a country or rustic décor. These glass fountains are made to look like a natural waterfall, each constructed of the finest materials. Because you will find so many of the glass indoor fountains customized, you have a long list of materials from which to choose so each fountain is unique and personalized.

The result of owning a glass indoor fountain is an aesthetically pleasing focal point, the soothing sound of trickling water, a natural indoor humidifier for dry air, and a tranquil Feng Shui sense of balance and harmony. Typically, you can place your glass fountain just about anywhere you like. While they look magnificent in living rooms, dining rooms, and dens, this is also an excellent choice for a large foyer, entryway, gallery, library, and even indoor garden area.

Many people will choose the glass indoor fountain in the bedroom because the sound is so restful. As the water begins to gently flow down the glass panel and into the basin below, you will find that you quickly slip away into a quiet state that allows you to get a complete night’s rest. Remember that all fountains, whether constructed from glass or not, act as natural humidifiers, which helps clear the air and make you breath better.

The nice thing about the glass fountain is that unlike other materials, the glass creates an actual piece of art. Therefore, while you get the benefits of the sound and appearance of trickling water, you also have a distinct accent to your home. The glass indoor fountain is something commonly seen in both Japan and Chinese homes and offices. However, today with so many options available in the United States, you too can be enthralled by relaxing and balanced environment.


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