With so many different types of fountains on the market, buying can be confusing. For that reason, we are providing you with several fountain facts to help make the decision making process less complicated. For starters, many people ask about pumps, which can also be confusing. If you need a new or replacement pump, you can generally contact the manufacturer and they will be able to provide a replacement or suggest a different type of pump for your type of fountain.


Now, many people also ask about the operation of a fountain. What you will find on the market today is a unique variety that includes electric, battery, and even solar. Typically, the battery operated water fountains are smaller, something that you might find on a tabletop whereas the electric batteries are larger, most sophisticated and the solar fountains are obviously those you set up outdoors. Regardless, they are all wonderful!

Water Splash

Another common issue we hear about has to do with water splash. In fact, most people want to know about this so they can determine the right location for setting up the fountain. Remember that if a water fountain is set up properly, there should be no splashing at all. When water does splash outside of the fountain it is usually caused by the fountain being too full of water or it could be that the pump is too powerful. If you find you have this problem, start by making sure the fountain is level. Then, check the water level, removing a little at a time until the splashing problem is eliminated.

Noisy Pump

A noisy pump is another common problem. Most people want a fountain for the peace and relaxation it provides, not a loud, obnoxious sounding pump. If you have a loud pump, you should first make sure the pump is completely submersed in the water. Most of the time, the noise problem is caused by there not being enough water in the fountain, which is an easy fix. Now, if the pump is still noisy after adding water, then make sure it is not vibrating against the wall of the fountain. If that is not the problem, it could be that you need to purchase a new pump.


People often ask about the installation of a fountain, most believing it is a difficult task. In truth, most fountain installations are quick and easy. Even the elaborate wall fountains are easy to install. With this, you generally use an existing electrical outlet or have one installed specifically to run the fountain. Then, you hang the fountain, making sure it is level. Keep in mind that if you were uncomfortable installing your fountain you can always hire someone to do it for you.


Finally, consider the maintenance, which does not have to significant. In most cases, you can use water treatments to stop the buildup of minerals deposits and algae and as long as you keep the water level where it should be and the outside wiped down, the fountain should look and smell great while offering the tranquility that goes along with owning a fountain.

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