When it comes to a top of the line wall fountain, you will find many different materials including galvanized steel, cedar, slate, granite, and so on. However, one of the most beautiful materials is copper. When wall fountains were developed, these too were made in many different styles but the one that you cannot help notice is the copper wall fountain. Hanging on the wall almost like a picture, these fountains are gorgeous. Best of all, because they are made from copper, they last for years.

You can choose copper wall fountains in numerous styles and sizes. For example, a smaller fountain may cost around $500 but worth it. With this, you might see a size measuring 28 x 14 inches but the all handcrafted copper is stunning. Many of these fountains are flame cut with a torch and then hand shaped, giving you something extraordinary. Now, you can choose a larger copper fountain, which will cost around $700. The larger size measures 35 x 14 inches and again, is handcrafted and most of these come with a quality pump.

The nice thing about choosing a copper wall fountain is that they look good in any room and with any décor. Because of the material, you could easily place a copper wall fountain in a den or family room with rustic décor and have it fit beautifully. However, if you had an elegant and sophisticated room such as a living room or dining room, again, the copper would blend perfectly. Finally, copper is easy to care for and extremely durable.

In most cases, your copper fountain can be cleaned by simply wiping it out with a clean cloth on occasion. However, when shopping for a copper wall fountain, we highly recommend you choose one that has had a protective clear coating applied. This powder coating is a heat baked, enamel finish that is applied to the copper surface. With this, you do not have to worry about the beautiful copper turning green.

Copper can be an excellent choice for a fountain because of the distinctive shapes and color that it produces.  If you would like to purchase a copper fountain, you will likely have to purchase it from a specialty fountain store that carries these types of items.


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