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Many people love the idea of having a water fountain in the home to create a relaxing environment but worry about lack of space. For some people, finding countertop or floor space is a serious challenge. The result is they bypass buying a fountain not realizing that have another choice. Wall fountains are the ideal solution in that they look amazing, still provide the sound of a babbling stream, and they take up no actual room.


One such option for a wall fountain is a smaller model that simulates waves. This fountain is commonly made from natural slate that cascades down in a beautiful design. The water is actually three dimensional, creating a tranquil appearance that is peaceful to the eyes and ears. Framed with a powder coated copper basin along with copper side supports, this fountain works well with modern or transitional style decor. You can also adjust the flow of the water to suit your mood. Measuring 12.5 inches long by 4.75 inches wide and 30.5 inches high, this is a great size.


If you want an indoor fountain that would look wonderful on any wall, you might consider one that has a powder coated copper roof, basin, and backing. This particular wall fountain works well with any decor. It is lightweight and measures 18.25 inches long by 6.5 inches wide by 59.25 inches tall. With this, it has a long, dark pane where the water flows down creating a beautiful visual effect. The pump is adjustable so you can increase the flow, which in turn adjusts the sound of the water.


Now, if you want to try something totally different, you should check out the works by the famous painter named Gustav Klimt. His style is unlike anything you have ever seen. He actually paints a painting and then the wall fountain is incorporated in the design. As an example, he might have a desert scene with rich colors of gold, browns, cream, and burgundy with a stream or river flowing through it, thus the fountain. In addition to a spectacular addition to any home or office, the water flow is enchanting.

Two other unique options for wall fountains include the fantasia look and the turtle look. With first fountain, you would have a fountain that features a magnificent background of fireflies, trees, flowers, and so on. Then, incorporated with the design is amazing color and sound. With this fountain, you might hear classical music from Beethoven or Tchaikovsky. With the turtle fountain, the background design resembles a turtle's shell. Made from copper, the roof and basin match, each measuring about three and one-half feet wide. As the water flows down the fountain, it slides down through the shell grooves, creasing a unique sound and sight. Both of these fountains come with adjustable pumps and lights.

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