Are you trying to find a unique and affordable way to add romance or mystic to your home? A new product on the market that has taken the country by storm is the tabletop fogger. Unlike anything else, the tabletop fogger is an addition that can enhance the beauty of your home while producing the mysterious fog. For example, you could buy a tabletop fogger that measures 16 inches in diameter by 26 inches tall. This particular fogger has a LED/fog inline controller and receiver, wireless controller so you can control both light and fogger from 30 feet away, and a water splashguard. The result is something incredible that you will enjoy looking at for hours on end.

Fogger Types

In this article, we wanted to provide you with several styles of tabletop foggers to consider. Most range in price from $30 to $150, very affordable for all the enjoyment you will receive in return. Another popular style measures 16 inches in diameter and just 12 inches tall. With this height, the fogger can sit nicely on a dining room table, end table, nightstand, or even on a bathroom countertop. The fountain sits beautifully in a wrought iron stand, comes with an LED light and light controller, and produces a stunning ocean mist.

Wrought Iron

If you want something, a little extra special, then you might consider a tabletop or floor fogger that sits in an ornate, wrought iron stand, has a smoke black bowl that produces the effects of a black light, and a wireless controller. This particular style would be ideal as a Christmas gift for a hard-to-buy-for teenager. Another one that would fit into a teenager's room is a fogger with a water column to include a fogger with color rotating LED lights. Almost space age in design, this tabletop, or floor fogger has an air pump that bubbles in the water column, giving the overall appearance something extraordinary.


Now, you can even purchase a tabletop fogger designed as a Gargoyle. With this, you can add plants around the water fountain and then enjoy as smoke bellows from its mouth. Included in this fogger is an octagon shaped basin, adjustable flow pump, and ultrasonic fogger with UL transformer and cables. Now, if you love to party and want to wow your guests, then the ice bowl fogger is a hot commodity. Measuring 10 inches in diameter by 5 inches tall, this fogger comes with glass ice clubs and LED light/fogger. With this, you could create a magical centerpiece display that will be the hit of the party.

Color Lighting

Two other types of tabletop foggers include a blue fountain that is designed with LED color rotating lights of red, blue, and yellow. This comes with a fog and light switch to help control misting and lighting. Finally, the quartz energy fogger, water fountain is designed with red LED lights and beautiful quartz rocks. Although it has the appearance of being hot, the fogger stays cool. If you love throwing Halloween parties, this would be ideal.

More Information

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