When looking at tabletop fountains, most people start with copper or slate. While these types of fountains are gorgeous, there is another option that should also be considered, the ceramic tabletop fountain. Typically, the ceramic style fountains are colorful and designed with intricate details. Because the ceramic fountains are so unique, they are beginning to grow in popularities.

As an example, you might choose from a whimsical three-tier fountain designed with colorful lotus leaves that work as levels for the water to gently cascade down into a round ceramic bowl. In addition to the charming design, the sound produced by the water is soft and gentle. To complete the look, this tabletop ceramic fountain features a frog, panda bear, flower, and other nature related decorations. Finally, this fountain comes with a vase, perfect for displaying silk or fresh flowers.

Another colorful and whimsical ceramic fountain is designed as a fish that spits water down into a two-tier lotus leaf and eventually into a scalloped basin. The sound is soft and the ultimate in relaxation. To enhance the beauty and fun of this fountain, it comes with a fisherman dangling baitfish over the basin, a ceramic frog, and a number of nature related decorations. As with the other ceramic vase mentioned above, this one also comes with a vase that can hold plants and flowers.

What you will discover with tabletop ceramic fountains is that the sound is generally a little more subtle and soft simply because of the material. These fountains come with adjustable pumps so you can control the flow of the water, which then changes the sound of the water.

If you want something unique, a tabletop fountain that is fun to look at and even more enjoyable to listen to, then perhaps a ceramic fountain is the right option for you. In addition to a fun enhancement to your home or office, these fountains are affordable and typically designed as a one-piece unit so no assembly is required and cleaning is a breeze.

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