Table top water fountains are extremely popular for both home and office. These fountains are a nice size that enhance rather than distract from the decor. Most people who use a table top fountain will tell you that the sound of gently flowing water creates a mood of tranquility. Some people will sit back with a book while enjoying the fountain or other people find that they focus at work better because of the peaceful environment the fountain creates. No matter what your choice for buying a table top water fountain, you will love it. We have provided you with some of the choices on the market today to give you some ideas of what to consider.

The nature bowl is a great choice. If fits in well with any decor with its sophisticated yet subtle design. You can choose from a number of colors and textures. The bowl itself is ceramic that comes in antique copper or black. In addition, the nature bowl includes the copper piping needed for the fountain and even a water plant. This particular fountain measures 10 x 5 inches and costs about $200.

Priced a little higher, generally around $800, there is another table top fountain often associated with a river. With this, you have all the elements you would see around a real river. For example, there are slabs of rock, pebbles, wood, plants, and other elements. This is a contemporary piece that actually works well with both modern and rustic decors. The common materials include brushed stainless steel, natural slate, and beautiful rainbow accent stones. This fountain measures 30 x 14 x 14.5 inches and is a wonderful selection.

Now, if you want something really out of the ordinary, you might consider water and fire - together in one table top fountain. With this, you have a clear coated copper top that features a tube whereby the water falls down softly into the basin. Other elements include wood and natural stone. However, off to the side are three small integral oil lamps. This is a beautiful fountain that is very rich and elegant. At 17 x 5 inches, this fountain will fit nicely just about anywhere.

Finally, you might think about the tall vase fountain. This design features a beautiful Oriental that sits on a grate over a square basin. You can add flowers to the vase while the water flows out over the top and then over the side. You can get this indoor table top fountain in black ceramic or cast stone. The measurements are 12 x 12 x 21 inches and the design very classic of the Asian culture.

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