As the popularity of fountains continues to rise, the creativity also increases. For this reason, you will find many incredible styles of fountains on the market, one of the most recent and mysterious being the misting fountain. Just as the name states, this type of fountain literally creates a mist that is very soothing. Misting fountains can be found as tabletop, floor, and even outdoor fountains. In addition to the gentle sound of water, you also get to enjoy the mesmerizing effects of the mist.

For a misting fountain, you would have a standard type of fountain with the only difference being the mister. Some people refer to this type of fountain as a fog maker, which is pretty much what it is. On the water's surface, you would see a low-lying fog that captures the attention while creating a place of tranquility. Most people who have a misting fountain will tell you the very sight allows the mind to wander and relax.

Depending on the type of misting fountain you choose, some also feature changing lights that create an even more magical setting. The actual device that creates the mist or fog is what you would find in an ionic air purifier. Because this fountain does not use dry ice or other chemicals, there is no danger.

Instead, the misting fountain works by making ultrasonic vibrations in the water, which then changes the tension of the surface. In turn, this causes water drops toward the surface to mist into the air. If a misting fountain is set up outdoors, this low-lying tension would actually force leaves and bugs to rest on top of the water rather than sink.

A misting fountain can be purchased at a number of retail stores, home and garden stores, home improvement stores, and of course, off the internet. Another benefit to using a misting fountain is that these ultrasonic vibrations that are created produce negative ions. This then helps to purify the air in the room where the fountain is located. Therefore, if you or someone in your family has asthma, allergies, or other respiratory problems, a misting fountain can actually make breathing easier.

You can even use a misting fountain with an indoor or outdoor fish pond, which intrigues the fish. Just remember that if you use a misting fountain indoors, the mist, which is small droplets of water, can land on furniture, causing water damage. For this reason, you would need to be sure you place the fountain some place where the mist will not do any damage. The best solution is to read the information provided for the specific misting fountain you buy and then follow the directions accordingly.

Just as with any other fountain, a misting fountain will need to be cleaned on occasion. However, with just a little maintenance, this fountain will provide you with years of enjoyment. Best of all, you do not need to use anything special to create the mist. Simply fill the fountain with regular tap water and turn it on. If you want to go one-step further, you can add two or three drops of your favorite fragrance oil, creating the ultimate fountain.

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