Misting fountains, which are sometimes referred to as foggers or fogging fountains, are the latest and greatest when it comes to indoor fountains. Unlike any other type of fountain, the misting fountain creates something mystical yet decorative. Today, there are hundreds of styles of misting fountains, some smaller that fit beautifully on a tabletop and some the larger, floor model. In this article, we will provide you with some of the options you might consider. Just remember that misting fountains look great with any décor and with the misting action, they actually work to humidify the air.

First, if you want a misting fountain that will add a focal point to a room in your house, you might consider one that is a combination of mist, fog, water, and colored lights. The fountain sits on a beautiful wrought iron stand and the base of the fountain comes in a number of colors. In addition to helping people breath, the misting action is also great for plants. Finally, you can add your favorite aromatic oil to create a wonderful, soothing fragrance in the home. Other benefits to this and other misting fountains is that it helps to remove dust and pollen, it requires little maintenance and assembly, and uses no chemicals or dry ice.

Another type of floor misting fountain is ideal for creating tranquility, again acting as a humidifier. This fountain is designed with a solid glass bowl with soft, scalloped edges. You can choose from various bowl colors such as frosted white, black, cobalt blue, and emerald green. Then the metal stand has a unique hourglass design in beautiful silver. The misting fountain produces gentle puffs of mist that hits onto the top glass cover, pouring down the backside of the bowl.

Then, this fountain comes with an LED light, which is attached to the mister. With rotating colors that change every six seconds to blue to pink to red, you can spend hours just being mesmerized. Best of all, this particular misting fountain comes with a 16-mode controller, allowing you to turn the lights on and off, change the speed of the lights, or keep just one color lit while misting.

One of the newest styles of misting fountains has a futuristic yet almost Feng Shui look that fits in with any room and any décor. The fountain measures 10 inches in diameter with the base measuring 7.5 inches tall. This fountain comes with an aromatherapy diffuser, a matching glass bowl and dome cover in frosted white, a mister with an LED light that rotates with various colors, and a tabletop stand made from baked enamel on black metal with light colored wooden balls on the ends of each leg.

Without doubt, as you watch the mist rising from the fountain and the soothing lights, you will be thrilled with your newest purchase. Since these fountains use no chemicals or dry ice, you do not have to worry about small children and pets. Instead, the fountains operate with regular water. The misting fountain is a wonderful invention and one that people all across the country are enjoying.


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