Fountain bowls are basins that can be used to create your own fountain. If you have an existing fountain but the bowl part has broken, then you can replace it with a fountain bowl. You will find a number of different styles and sizes but we recommend you choose bowls that are handcrafted in resin. With this, the bowls will be durable but also lightweight. Keep in mind that when you choose resin, the shades and hues of colors will vary but they are all beautiful.

Today, you will find a number of beautiful fountain bowls on the market, made from a number of materials. Although prices will also vary, you would typically pay between $100 and $200, again depending on the material used and the size of the bowl. For instance, a larger bowl might measure 14 inches in diameter by three inches deep. This particular fountain has a 1.75-gallon capacity and with small pebbles on the outside, has a nice, rustic look that would be ideal for any outside décor.

Another option is a beautiful copper fountain bowl. Again, many different sizes exist but one that is very popular measures 10 inches in diameter and is three to five inches deep. With a one-gallon capacity, this size is nice and the appearance more elegant and sophisticated, which would be ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. If you go with a copper fountain bowl, we highly recommend you choose one that has been clear-coated for protection. With this, the fountain bowl would last longer and not turn green.

Then, you could go with a patina exterior on your fountain bowl, which is the ideal choice for outdoor and indoor use. Keep in mind that you can use fountain bowls with or without a fountain. In China, these bowls were invented some 2,000 years ago and called the “Chinese Fish Basin” or “Spouting Bowl”. At that time, they were usually made from a heavy bronze or copper, and most often had two carrying handles welded to the top rim.

When used in the traditional way, the fountain bowl is filled with water and then placed out in the yard, usually on grass. Then, the bowl can actually perform, when the two handles are rubbed rhythmically with wet hands. You will start to hear a deep tone that grows as the hand rubbing becomes more intense. At that point, you will be amazed at what happens. The water’s surface will star to ripple, at first just a little and then vigorously. Soon, little water droplets will shoot up, which then become continuous streams, just like shooting jets from modern day fountains

This combination of water droplets and the shooting water increases as the handles are rubbed hard and then decreases as the handles are not rubbed as hard. Interestingly, people who have become very good at “playing” their fountain bowls have been able to get the jets of water to as much as three feet high! Many fountain bowls are still made with the handles and some will have a lovely fish design on the inside of the bowl. Therefore, if you need a new basin for your fountain, the fountain bowl is a nice option but if you want to perform for your friends in a traditional way, then look for a fountain bowl with handles and start practicing.


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