If you have a desk in your home or office, then you probably have the standard things displayed to include stapler, pens, computer, calendar, and so on. However, today we see people adding something else to their desk, something relaxing – a desk fountain. Desk fountains offer the same benefits as a standard size fountain but smaller. Because of this, you can simply place the fountain on the corner of your desk and as you work through the day, enjoy a much more relaxed and less stressful environment.

In addition to the small size, most desk fountains are designed so the sound is quiet. That way, you still enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the water without being distracted by the sound of flowing water. For example, you can get a contemporary style desk fountain that measures 8.75 x 6.5 x 10.25 inches. This particular style is shaped like a diamond with a unique crisscross design in the center.

This unique design allows the water to flow down the crossing design, producing a soothing, gentle design along with the beauty of the flowing water. Made from durable polyresin, the fountain will last for years. The base of the desk fountain has an electrical pump that helps to recycle the water back up through the top of the fountain. Then, this fountain features a lighting system that illuminates the stream of water in blue, yellow, and red.

Another type of desk fountain measures 8.75 x 7.5 x 11.5, which is a great size for the corner area. Designed as staggered steps within the fountain, you can sit and watch as the water gently cascades from one-step to the next. Again, the fountain comes with a lighting system that beautifully adds red, yellow, or blue color to the water. With a Feng Shui type style, you will fall in love with this desk fountain.

Keep in mind that desk fountains comes in all types of sizes, materials, and shapes, making them the ideal choice for any style of office. If you want a casual, elegant, or contemporary fountain, you will have a wide selection from which to choose. Additionally, indoor fountains act as a natural humidifier, actually adding moisture back into the air while releasing beneficial ions. The result that that while the desk fountain looks great, it also helps improve the quality of the air.


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