Are you planning a party or event and want to do something special, something spectacular that everyone will remember but something that falls within a reasonable budget? If so, then you might consider using a chocolate fondue fountain. In addition to looking amazing, these fondue fountains offer something that tastes wonderful - chocolate. Perfect for wedding receptions, anniversary parties, housewarming parties, birthdays, catered events, dessert buffets, or even an outdoor barbecue, you can serve foods such as pound cake, pretzels, marshmallows, cookies, ice cream, and fresh fruit for dipping into the chocolate.


In addition, we have found that people really enjoy chocolate fondue fountains and they can get a party of event started off right. People will often gather of converse around the chocolate fountain and will be delighted to dip fruit, cake, or other items into the chocolate. In addition, these make a great complement to other desserts of food.

The great thing about setting up a chocolate fondue fountain for your event is that the minute people walk in the door, they will be greeted with the sweet smell of chocolate. These fondue fountains can be used for all types of chocolate so you have a huge variety. Sometimes, people will set up more than one chocolate fondue fountain, each with a different type of melted chocolate. For example, you might have dark chocolate served with marshmallows and strawberries, semi-sweet chocolate for pineapple and pound cake, and white chocolate for pretzels and pound cake. Regardless of the chocolate of choice, you can be sure the fountain will be a huge hit.


To enhance the overall appearance of the fountain, you can choose various bases. For instance, if you use the chocolate fountain for a birthday party, you might choose a colorful fabric skirt, if the fountain will be used at a corporate, catered event, then a wood or brass base would add a touch of class, or if the fountain will be the focal point at an upcoming wedding, a mirror base creates elegance.

Buy or Rent

When considering a chocolate fondue fountain, you could rent one or for an affordable price, purchase one outright. If you decide to buy, you can always rent your fountain out, making a little money to help recoup the original cost. When shopping around for chocolate, do not get sucked into things like vendors trying hard to convince you that their chocolate is superior to other types of chocolate.

To rent a fountain, it is usually very easy. Most caterers or restaurants may already have one of know where to get one. In addition, there are some great vendors online as well as a lot of fondue information. You can also check your local phone book in order to locate a vendor in your area. Due to their increasing popularity, many vendors like Target or cooking stores now carry them.

Additional Informstion

Chocolate Fondue Fountains: Web resource that contains articles, guides, reviews, and images of chocolate fountains. Online retailer offers a selection of chocolate fountains.

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