Chocolate fountains are certainly a unique type of fountain. They are most frequently found at classy fondue restaurants or on display at elegant parties. Chocolate fountains are a truly novel item that can enhance a formal party or provide a unique touch to a special meal. This article will talk about chocolate fountains in a little more detail.

The first thing that people typically want to know is what is a chocolate fountain. Simply put, chocolate fountains are fountains that use liquid chocolate instead of water. Their unique shape provides a decorative and functional feature for a table. People can also dip fruit, cake, cookies or other items into the chocolate fountain to make a delightful desert.

One of the most common things for people to dip into the chocolate fountain are strawberries. The shape and taste of this fruit makes them perfect for a chocolate fountain. We have also seen brownies, tea cakes, shortbread, grapes, or other kinds of fruits dipped into the chocolate. Most chocolate fountains can melt and use many different types of chocolates from milk, to dark, to white.

The chocolate fountain is also useful for decoration and display at a party. It often sits on top of a desert table and has several layers. Typically, the chocolate is melted at the bottom and then travels up the center and gradually pours down the outside. This will often draw the attention of guests. Larger chocolate fountains can be set up on a lower table. Some really fancy parties may place large fountains on the floor, but most go on the table. Guests are typicaly dazzled by the chocolate fountain, but it needs to be used in the right atmosphere. Otherwise it can be over the top.

Chocolate fountains can be rented for parties usually with some form of catering package. They need to be set up and started in time for the party. These fountains can also be purchase for people that like chocolate covered deserts for a couple of hundred dollars.

Chocolate fountains are clearly a novel item for a party, event, or even a romantic dinner. If you choose to use one, chances are you will surprise and satisfy your guests at the same time.

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