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If you enjoy fountains and love the soothing sound of water, you might consider adding a table top fountain to your home or office. The styles available today are vast. Some fountains are sophisticated, some elegant, some are rustic, some cultural, and all of them wonderful. In this article, we will provide you with styles that have proven to be popular choices.


For starters, you might consider a quartz table top fountain. With this, the bowl is made from pink quartz. You will find that the actual color of the quartz varies from one fountain to another since each is unique. Underneath is an underwater light that illuminates on the quartz, making a beautiful impression. This particular fountain measures 10 x 10 inches, fitting nice on an end table, nightstand, or coffee table.

Resin Bowl

Now, if you believe in or practice Feng Shui and love the unusual, then you might consider a green resin bowl made from all natural materials. This is a remarkable table top fountain unlike any you have ever seen. The materials are all stacked, highlighting its characteristics. For instance, there is slate, which features the flaky mineral mica for a little bit of glitter. Then, you have a layer of amethyst. The pale lavender is simple yet romantic and calming. Next is rose quartz. The pink color produces harmony and peace. This is followed by Azurite malachite, which is an opaque mineral of intensive blue and vivid green. Now, the final layer is agate, which is quartz that is beautiful. With all of the materials enhanced with and underwater light, this is an amazing choice for a table top fountain.


The driftwood table top fountain is another great fountain. Very rich and elegant, this fountain measures 10 x 10 x 10 inches. This mountain is made from beautifully sculpted driftwood that has been cast in resin, which sits on a black ceramic base with cast stone. The sound produced is enchanting and soothing. As you can see, the choices are very different. Remember, these are just a few of the hundreds of choices you have, each unique, calming, and a great investment.

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