Now you can enjoy beautiful outdoor fountains without the need for electricity. Solar water fountains have become increasingly popular because they save on the electric bill and do not skimp on style. Whether adding a solar water fountain to a deck or patio, a backyard, or by the swimming pool, this type of water fountain is a tremendous value to any home.

If you were interested in building your own solar water fountain, you can. First, you would need to choose where the solar panel would be placed. Most experts suggest that you go with a larger panel than is recommended, in fact, 50% larger, which will handle the water pump with greater ease. The key is to make sure the pump does not struggle to pump the water.

After choosing your location for the fountain and solar panel, then you would purchase your materials. Let us say you were going to build a fountain for your pond. One beautiful option that you might consider would be for a large pond and solar fountain. In this case, you would need two plastic pond liners (150 and 50 gallon), 2 bilge pumps (13.6 volts), 2 submersible filter boxes, an ornamental fountain head, 50 foot of 12-gauge electrical cable, 10 foot of 1-inch clear tubing, saw, wire nuts, various nuts, screws and bolts, washers, connectors, plywood, socket wrench, inexpensive mounting post, drill, and any type of landscaping you want whether rocks or plants.

Your first step in putting your pond and fountain together would be to measure and cut the support extension at a 40-degree angle so the solar panel will be supported well. Then, you want to dig out the hold for the post, positioning and setting it securely. Now, you want to make sure the post is plumb, which would require you to use a level. Pre-drill the holds, which will be used for anchoring the plywood and then bolt the plywood onto the pole directly.

The flat brackets would now be mounted to the underside of your solar panel. For this, you would need eight nuts, bolts, and washers. Wire stranded 12-gauge landscaping to the junction box on the solar panel. Strip the cable, adding a water-tight connector. Next, the cable would need to be fed through the opening of the junction box. The red wire will now be secured to the positive terminal. When done, you want to secure the black wire to the negative side.

Mount your solar panel to the support made from the plywood, using screws to keep it in position. Then, your landscaping cable would be extended, going from the solar panel to the side of the mounting post. The wires extending from the solar panel to the pump wires would need to be touched to ensure they are working. At that point, the water should begin pumping. All you have to do at this point is add your trees, rocks, or other landscaping to enhance the pond and fountain. Then, sit back and enjoy

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