Solar powered fountains have become very popular. Not only do they save on money and energy but they also work great. Although considered a newer type of fountain, the solar powered option has become a great option. These fountains come in a variety of sizes and models, perfect for fitting in with any outdoor decor. Therefore, if you want to enhance your backyard you can with a beautiful fountain that will create a wonderful, peaceful sound of trickling water.

Sun Power

With a solar powered fountain, sunlight is converted into natural energy through a solar panel that is comprised of photovoltaic cells. These cells then collect the energy, which is then used to operate the fountain. In addition, the built-in solar panel is what powers the water pump for the fountain. Therefore, if the fountain should be located where it gets shade, if a tree should hang over the panels, or if something else should shade these panels, then you would notice the water flow slow down or completely stop. In this case, simply moving the fountain where it will get sunlight corrects the problem.


The great thing about choosing a solar powered fountain is that they are affordable and easy to operate. In other words, you do not have to do any installation, just set it where you want it and it is done. Keep in mind that some of these fountains have the solar panels built in whereas others are designed with remote panes that you would place 10 to 15 feet from where the fountain. The key is to make sure the panels are on a hard surface and positioned so they will not fall over. If necessary, you can mount them for added stability.

Cold Temperatures

Now, if you have a solar powered fountain, remember that if the outside temperature is below zero, it will not work. In addition, the pump can be damaged if the panels are connected to the fountain during snowy or icy conditions while the sun is shining. On the other hand, if it is during the winter and the sun is out but no risk of freezing temperatures, then the solar panels will pump the water without any problem.


Obviously, solar powered fountains come with many benefits. For one thing, they can be placed anywhere where there is sun. Since you do not need electricity, you have much more flexibility and you save money. Additionally, these fountains are far more convenient than other types of fountains since they do not require installation. Therefore, if you want the enjoyment of an outdoor fountain without the hassle, this would be a great option to consider.

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