To run your solar fountain, you need a solar fountain pump. Some fountains are designed with the pump already as a part of the unit while other fountains require you to purchase a solar fountain pump separately. With any garden, an excellent way to enhance it is with some type of lighting system and/or water feature. However, the last thing you want is for an unattractive pump to be out in the open for all to see. Therefore, you want the solar fountain to beautify the outside of your home, not create a distraction.

For example, a night and day solar fountain pump allows your fountain to work continually, creating a magnificent water spectacle at night. With a built-in power center that charges during the day, you then enjoy the lights and water flow at night. Just imagine sitting outdoors on your deck or patio, looking out into your garden to see beautiful glowing lights, and spewing water from your fountain.

You could also choose a solar fountain with a kit that comes with a compact pump that is very powerful, efficient, and yet attractive. Choosing a kit is an affordable way to enjoy a solar fountain without giving up on appearance. These pump units have crystalline solar cells, which are high quality. With the solar panel for this kit, you can place it up to 15 feet from the actual fountain, meaning it too is hidden and out of the way.

Then you have newer solar fountain pumps that are designed for fountain use as well as small to medium-sized waterfalls. This means you can run your favorite fountain or if you have a waterfall, run it without any wiring or complicated installation. Even better, you pay nothing for electricity since everything is run on solar power, energy coming directly from the sun. You have a choice of well-concealed pumps as well, which are effective and reliable.

With so many people running around day after day, trying to keep up with the high demands of life, having a fountain to come home to, whether indoors or outdoors, has become a popular trend. That means you can kick off your shoes, sit down with a glass of ice tea or a cocktail, and just relax to the wonderful sound of gently flowing water. The relaxation you will enjoy is absolutely, unmatched. Just remember to buy a pump that can handle the size of the fountain but one that is better not seen. Additionally, you want a quiet pump so all you hear is the soothing sound of water and nothing more.

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