Finally, another popular type of solar fountain kit is one designed with a special rotating solar panel. This allows you to enjoy the relaxing sight and sound of the water with a battery pump completely controlled by the sunlight. However, in this case, you would also have a rechargeable battery, which is built in and great for nighttime use or for day use when you have had several cloudy days in a row. For this solar fountain kit, you have an on/off switch on the solar panel so if the fountain comes on in the morning, you can choose to turn it off, saving the energy that has been absorbed by the sun for the time of day or night when you prefer to use the fountain.

You could even choose a solar fountain kit that has a single solar pump and no panel. In this case, you end up with a 6V DC solar pump and a lifted water height up to 18 inches that pushes 21 gallons of water per hour. Then with poly tubing, you enjoy a small waterfall or fountain feature, allowing you to place it anywhere in your yard that you prefer. This too comes with various fountainheads so you can adjust the type of water flow you get.

One such kit that people enjoy has three different kinds of fountainheads that will produce wonderful sprays all day whenever the sun is shining. The solar panel gathers the energy from the sun so all you have to do is set the fountain up where you want it and then choose the shape of the spray you prefer. Best of all, this and other types of solar fountain kits are very affordable so you quickly recoup the money by allowing the sun to act as the electricity for running the fountain's pump.

Additionally, solar fountain kits, depending on the model you buy, can produce beautiful fountains that shoot feet into the air. With an average flow capacity of 108 gallons per hour, you have a wonderful addition to your home. Again, various solar fountain kits are different but in most cases, they come with a 5W solar panel and 12V solar DC pump. Then, some solar fountain kits also come with different heads so you can enjoy a number of different sprays. Because of the overall convenience and beauty, many people are now switching out the old electric-powered fountains with new solar fountain kits.

The solar fountain kit comes with solar powered pumps that allow you to enjoy the sound of the water and the visual appeal of the fountain but without electricity. Again, with the solar panels, which can be placed as far as 15 feet from the actual fountain, the pump absorbs the sunlight during the day so you enjoy the fountain without paying any money. These solar fountain kits are quiet, work anywhere in the yard or on your deck, and do not require any wiring or batteries.

One of the hottest trends when it comes to outdoor fountains is to purchase a solar fountain kit. These kits are designed and developed specifically for people who love the outdoors and the soothing sound of trickling or flowing water but who do not care to spend hours putting things together. In other words, you get the same wonderful results of a normal fountain but in this case, the sun is the energy and putting the kit together is a breeze. Therefore, if you want a back or front yard fountain but dread the added expense then you might be the perfect candidate for a solar fountain kit.



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