To enhance your backyard with the sound of soft, flowing water but without spending extra on electricity, you might consider a solar fountain. Although there are many different options for this type of fountain, one that has become popular is the floating solar fountain. Best of all, a solar fountain does not require any complicated wiring or installation so setting it up is a breeze, ready to enjoy in a very short time.

If you have an existing garden pond, you can place a floating solar fountain right on top of the water and then allow the sun's activation to start the flowing process of the water. If your pond is large, you can anchor the floating solar fountain to keep it within a certain area. Regardless, the pump of this fountain is activated by the sunlight. Once activated and charged, the water will spew in the air for you to enjoy.

Just as with other types of solar fountains, the floating model comes in a number of different sizes. For instance, you could choose a floating solar fountain capable of pumping up to 22 gallons of water each hour. Another huge advantage of this type of fountain that many people are unaware of is that the flow of the water actually helps to oxygenate the water, which is great for fish and plants.

A floating solar fountain allows you to take a small, simple pond and turn it into a wonderful place that family and friends would enjoy sitting around for a weekend barbecue or for you to sit by in the morning with a hot cup of coffee. Many of the floating solar fountains use battery storage as a means of storing energy during the day. That way, once the sun goes down, the saved energy can be converted into high output LEDs, bringing light, and flowing water to the pond.

In addition, when looking for a floating solar fountain, try to find one that will turn on automatically at dusk, as well as a unit that is completely weatherproof. With this, the fountain could be used in literally any climate. Remember, while the solar fountain is beautiful in a garden pond, it can also be used in flowerpots, or other water features such as an old whiskey barrel.

In addition to enhancing the appearance of your front or backyard, floating solar fountains are extremely affordable. Many times, you can find beautiful styles for as little as $20. For the enjoyment and beauty you will get from the fountain, this price is a small investment to make. In addition to purchasing a fountain already put together, you also have an option of going with a solar fountain kit. This too creates an atmosphere that is relaxing and peaceful and is affordable and easy to setup.

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