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Today, the styles and designs of water fountains have changed dramatically. One such advancement in recent years is the solar powered fountain. With this, you do not have to mess with electricity, simply set the fountain up and let the sun do all the work for you. These fountains look gorgeous and function well. Just as with other types of water fountains, the solar powered styles come in many different sizes, styles, and materials.


For example, one that is gorgeous for a deck or patio is the cascading fountain. You could choose one that appears as a stack of pottery, all working together as the water gently flows downward into a pool or basin. The nice thing about this and other solar fountains is that they are full self-contained. The solar panels work with the water pump to ensure the fountain works perfectly all the time. Best of all, you do not have to hire a specialist to do any installation for you, simply set it where you want and you are set to go.

Jet Solar

The jet solar fountain is a wonderful choice as well. With this, you would enjoy an instant water feature that sprays that shoots up in the air several feet. The spray is controlled so it is beautiful. With this, you have an actual floating illuminated fountain that is powered completely by solar power. Most of the kits include three fountain heads so you can change the spray to match your personal preference. With this fountain, you would have a water flow capacity of 99 gallons per hour!

Sun Jet

The sun jet fountain is another popular choice. Activated by sunlight, the solar panels work well but keep in mind that they do not retain power on overcast days. However, you can switch over to batteries on days like this if you still want to enjoy the fountain. This outdoor fountain comes with the battery unit, stand, base, pump, LED light, float, and everything you need. With this, you can enjoy the water by day and the water and beautiful lights at night, making it a very romantic addition to any backyard. This too has three different fountain heads so you can change up the flow at will.

These are just a few options for solar powered fountains but most all of them look and work great. With this type of fountain, you do not pay more. They are very affordable and made from materials that can withstand the outdoor elements. If you want to create some ambience in your backyard, whether something subtle and quaint or something impressive and substantial but do not want to mess with electricity, then a solar powered fountain may be the right decision for you.

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