The sound of babbling, cascading water is magical. It calms the nerves, creates a romantic setting, and enhances the room by the look and sound. For this reason, water fountains, regardless of size, have become a very popular addition to homes and offices across the world. Water fountains are often associated with inner healing, spiritual cleansing, and intuitive wisdom. Having been a part of ancient worlds in the Far East, fountains have made their way to western countries for this and other reasons.

Fountains are also believed to help create ch'i, or positive energy if they are placed with the Feng Shui principles. This ancient Chinese philosophy is designed to guide people through the balance of wind and water to create an environment that is peaceful, harmonious, and lucky. Whether you believe in this type of philosophy or not, water fountains are wonderful.

One option that you might consider is building your own fountain, which is actually not difficult. To give you an idea of how you can build your own fountain, we have provided you with some guidelines. Keep in mind that you can choose any size or style of water fountain you like. Therefore, just determine the goal you have with the fountain so you can choose your materials appropriately.

First, you would need a submersible pump. For example, if you are building yourself a smaller water fountain than one made for fish aquariums would work well. These can be purchased at pet stores, gardening centers, home improvement stores, and even some hardware stores. What you want with this is a water flow regulator with suction cup feet to keep the pump held securely in place. In addition, make sure the pump has a quiet motor and can pump 80 to 85 gallons per hour.

Next, you will need to fit plastic tubing, also purchased from the same places. Buy about eight inches to help elevate the water. Typically, you will find this tubing in one-half inch diameter on the inside of five eights of an inch on the outside diameter. All you need to do is cut the tubing to the desire length. Just keep any extra tubing to replace old tubing if needed.

You will now need to find a waterproof bowl that is a minimum of two inches deep. Remember, this fountain is a small one that would be perfect for a desk top but you can go bigger. This particular fountain will give you the basic idea. Now, the bowl can be metal, glass, plastic resin, water sealed wood, or ceramic. These are sold at all types of discount retail stores for just a few dollars. You then need some stones, most people prefer polished river stone, which is sold at gardening centers and pet stores. These will be placed in the bottom of the bowl.

You will then attach the pump according to the instructions. Cut one to two inches of plastic tubing to fit over the pump spout. Place the pump in the bowl, adding enough water to cover the intake valve. Plug in the pump and if needed, add more water. You can arrange your stones around the bottom of the pump to hide any unsightly tubing or cording. To hide the electrical cord, use a small plant to place in the bowl to hide it. You can then add seashells, marbles, colored rocks or anything else you like to create a beautiful design. Finally, you turn the fountain on, sit back, and relax.

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