If you have a pond or fountain, you have a number of options for enhancing the operation and appearance. For example, a pond fountain ring is a very popular option to create a cascading ring of water that produces a gentle rain. With this, you enjoy a soothing sound, perfect for eliminating stress. In fact, some people say a pond fountain ring is the perfect solution for encouraging aeration in the pond, which means a healthier environment for plants and fish.

By using a pond fountain ring, you can take an ordinary pond and by direction the nozzle and its water jets, create a dramatic appearance. Typically, the pond fountain ring would come as a package to include all the tubing, the clamp, a support legs. Now keep in mind that there are different size rings so you need to choose the one that works best for your pond. For example, some pond fountain rings needs 500 to 1,200 gallons per hour pump. In addition, the rings are designed with various numbers of jets, some up to 22.

Fountain rings are very easy to install and clean. To install, you would insert the rivet and o-ring assembly into the brass stud. From there, the spray jet is inserted into the brass nut. Thread this onto the brass stud and tighten by hand. Make sure you do not use any type of tool for this or it will be too tight. Next, the three support legs are inserted into the sockets located on the bottom of the ring.

You would then set the ring in the position you want, making sure the ring is always above water during operation. The leg supports can always be cut if needed to help lower the ring. Now, the fountain ring is connected to the pump, using the tubing and clamps. Remember that the jets can sometimes become clogged so for the ring to work properly, the screen has to be used on the intake of the pump and cleaned on a regular basis. Finally, the pump is set on the bottom of the pond or fountain, taking care not to bend the tubing.

To clean the pond fountain ring, keep in mind that the ring is designed with precision jets, all adjustable. The jets all contain a number of small parts. Therefore, when you remove them, you have to be careful. Insert a small rod or wire such as a straight pin or straightened paperclip, running it through the entire jet. With an up and down motion, you will be able to dislodge anything that might have created a clog.

Once you have the fountain ring in place, you may need to adjust the jets until you get them exactly as you want. Typically, the spray rings will have the water spraying directly inward but another option is to have the water shoot straight up, whereby it falls back on itself. This option is very dramatic and beautiful. However, you can try a number of different adjustments until you come up with the outcome that you like best.

If you find that some of the jets are producing smaller sprays, then it is time to clean it. Finally, in the winter months, take the pond fountain ring out so it is not damaged, storing it indoors until the weather get a little bit warmer.

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