When operating a fountain, you need a pump. To ensure the pumps lasts its full life, you need to use it appropriately, according to the manufacture’s recommendations. Therefore, when you first get your fountain or a new pump, make sure you take time to read the instructions for proper operation and care. One of the most important things you will learn is that your fountain must have the right level of water so the pump is not running dry. If it does, the pump will quickly become damaged.

If you find that you need a fountain pump replacement for whatever reason, you will discover that you have numerous options. Keep in mind that when choosing a fountain pump replacement, you want the right capacity pump for your particular fountain. For example, you might purchase a high quality, 120-gallon per hour, fountain replacement pump. Now, make sure you know exactly what you are buying because not all pumps come with lights.

In addition, regardless of the fountain pump replacement you choose, you also want to remember that some fountains require a submersible style, one that goes under the water. In this case, you must make sure you choose the right pump or again, it could be damaged. Typically, fountain pumps come in a number of sizes and just about all have adjustable water flow. However, you need to look for pumps that offer a guarantee just in case it does not work for one reason or another.

Another option is the 80-gallon pump that is commonly used for the smaller, desk or tabletop fountains. This small size is perfect for lower water flow and quiet so all you enjoy is the soothing sound of the water and not a loud, vibrating pump. To give you an idea of price, the 80-gallon pump would usually run between $40 and $50, very affordable. Keep in mind that even the larger size pumps are very reasonably priced. Therefore, regardless of the size you need, you will not pay much.

The goal when buying a fountain pump replacement is to choose from a company that has a good reputation, one that will answer questions and assist in the final decision. The goal is to choose a model that offers many gallons per hour flow capacity. For instance, when you buy a large fountain, pond, or even waterfall, then the pump has to meet the flow requirements. With this, you will have the greatest flow so you can enjoy the fountain the most.

Choosing the correct pump flow and pump head are very important. In this case, if you have too little flow, you will be disappointed in the way your fountain works. If there is too much flow, then you will end up with water spraying around the room and noise. As mentioned, choosing the right pump is essential for the best water flow. Therefore, choose an 80-gallon for your smaller fountains and 170-gallons per hour for the larger units.

Finally, make sure the pump is designed with a safety sealed electrical motor. With this, you will have rotating impellers that sucks the water in on one end and then pushes the water out through the filter located on the back, which helps to circulate the water. This type of fountain pump replacement is designed to work continuously since turning a pump on and off will actually wear it out more quickly.

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