Unfortunately, many people with fountains and ponds are unaware of all the options they have to enhance the beauty. One such option is by choosing different fountain nozzles, which would create various sprays. With this, you can change the overall appearance of your fountain or pond daily if you like. One day you may go with a wide spray that is fun and festive while the next day you may choose a spray that goes straight up and then back on itself, which is a dramatic look.

With fountain nozzles, you can play around with the options, finding one or several that you like best. Remember, you can use different fountain nozzles on any size fountain or pond. Therefore, if you have a simple and small fountain or a very large pond with a large fountain, you still have a wide array of options. Just keep in mind that a few things need to be considered when choosing your fountain.

First, you need the size of fountain for the size of pond. In other words, if you have a larger, 600-gallong pond, then you would need a minimum 300-gallon pump. With this, the large fountain could be operated without causing any problem. You also want to choose the fountain nozzles designed specifically for your fountain. If you are unsure what to buy, you can ask the salesperson helping you or check the fountain’s manufacturer recommendation.

Every person has his or her favorite fountain nozzle but some of the more beautiful results include the medium or large blossom, the iris, cascade, stream, bell, bell/cascade, the two-tier blossom, pirouette, three-tier, frothy, and trumpet. The price of fountain nozzles is not very much. As an example, you could choose a three-tier nozzle that is capable of shooting spray between 30 and 50 feet, and then out as wide as 45 feet. For this, you would pay less than 15.

For the larger bell fountain nozzle, you end up with a half-moon shaped pattern that can reach about 26 inches in diameter. The price for this is around $14. Then, there is the trumpet fountain nozzle, a popular choice. With this, you get a smooth cone pattern that is about 12 feet high and 10 feet wide for just $20. Next is the foam jet, fountain nozzle, which is a little different from the others. With this, you end up with frothy water, which is fun to watch for just $20.

Other possibilities when it comes to fountain nozzles includes the three-nozzle set, which comes with a five-hole, nine-hole, and three tier nozzle for just $23, the small three tier fountain nozzle for just $14, the small water bell for around $25, and the list goes on. In addition to the actual fountain nozzle, you can also purchase extension tube sets, nozzle adapters, flow control valves, diverter valves, restrictor clamps, and many other items.

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