If you are thinking about adding a fountain to your backyard or already have one, in addition to the relaxing sound of the water and beauty of the fountain, you can enhance your yard even further by adding fountain lights. These lights are specially designed for outdoor fountains with many styles being submersible. Most fountain lights are very affordable and they create all types of ambience from whimsical to elegant to colorful and fun.

In this article, we will provide you with some options for fountain lights. First, there are submersible halogen fountain lights, which are designed as double five watt. Priced under $50, these submersible lights help illuminate the water flowing in your fountain, which adds a dramatic effect. The light comes with a transformer and four colored lenses. Therefore, you could choose a standard white light or for more creativity, blue, red, green, or yellow. When shining up through the bottom of the fountain, it creates a beautiful display that is charming and fun.

Now, another type of fountain lighting is a bit more expensive, averaging around $1,200. With this, you get an entire package that includes 12-volt solid brass cased fixtures, which are connected to a submersible junction box with a power cable that matches the length of your particular fountain, usually about 100 feet. Each of these fixtures is capable of supporting a 75-watt MR-16 halogen bulb to create a magnificent look to your fountain at night. For creating a romantic ambience, this option is exceptional, working well with a larger size fountain or pond.

Next, you might thing about a 20-foot cable light with an outdoor transformer. Priced less than $80, this fountain light also illuminates a fountain or pond with halogen lights to create a beautiful atmosphere. This light set comes with a 20-watt halogen light that could be used as a spotlight to enhance a particular feature of the fountain or to illuminate up the entire area. Also submersible, you can adjust the lights and if preferred, use your choice of four colored lenses.

Finally, the colored bulb package is a great option that can be enjoyed by the entire family. If you have a smaller fountain or pond, you could add just one or two lights or for a larger fountain or pond, three, four, five, or more. Without doubt, the effect of these lights is incredible. Designed with colored dichroic reflector bulbs in green, blue, red, and yellow, the 50-watt bulbs pass through the colored lenses so that the water spraying from your fountain is mesmerizing. Remember, these samples are just a few of many options. When shopping for the right fountain lights, remember the size of your fountain and the goal, whether creating a romantic setting or highlighting a specific feature.


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