When buying a fountain, you will find there are a number of possibilities when it comes to accessories. In this article, we wanted to provide you with an accessories overview so you will have a better idea of your options. Unfortunately, many people they buy a fountain and what comes with it is what they get. Actually, you can add several things to enhance the water flow and overall appeal of the fountain. Keep in mind that most fountain accessories can be purchased from shops all over the country, and even online.

By using accessories with your fountain, you will enjoy it far more. For example, you might consider special lights to illuminate the fountain, various types of pumps to improve water flow, cleaners, or filters to help keep the water cleaner, floating flowers, spitters, and so on. The great thing about fountain accessories is that most are very affordable and do wonders for the appearance and operation.

Since lights are probably the most popular fountain accessory on the market, we will address that first. Fountain lights are the ideal method for illuminating the water, fish, plants, and statuary. With lights, you can turn an ordinary indoor or outdoor fountain into something spectacular, romantic, or mysterious. You can choose from plain lights or choose a lighting system that has colored lenses to create a beautiful fountain.

When you buy fountain lights for outdoors, you can choose from halogen lights that are submersible, LED lights with or without a fogger, or lighting packages that come everything needed such as solid brass cased fixtures, a submersible junction box, power cable to accommodate the length of the fountain, 75-watt lighting, and then the colored lens covers. When you choose this type of package, you will generally enjoy a little bit of a savings.

Next after lights are fountain pumps, which are needed to keep the water flowing. However, when choosing this type of accessory, it is important that you choose the right one. A new pump can literally add life back into your fountain and possibly reduce pump noise. The goal is that the pump should run continuously since on and off action can damage and shorten the life of the pump. Additionally, the pump size (gallons per hour) should match the size of your fountain. For example, a smaller, tabletop fountain would do quite well with an 80-gallong pump whereas a larger fountain would need a 170-gallon pump or more.

Finally, when choosing accessories, remember things like waterfalls, spitters, statuary, plants, floating lily pads, and even fish. However, to ensure all this stays nice and clean, you will probably need to use quality cleaner. With this, the water will flow better and the fountain will not end up with ugly stains, sludge, or organic buildup. If you have fish or plants in your fountain, just be sure to choose something 100% organic, natural, and biodegradable.

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