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Just as with anything, by taking proper care of your outdoor fountain, it will provide you with years of enjoyment. The goal with any outdoor fountain is to enjoy the beauty and sound of trickling water without having to spend countless hours on maintenance. If you are shopping for an outdoor fountain, you will find that their elegance is unsurpassed. You can use any number of styles and completely transform a boring outdoor area into a personal oasis.

Outdoor fountains have other benefits to include adding dimension to landscaping, creating privacy from noise such as airplanes, traffic, trains, or even loud neighbors, and adding ambience that creates a relaxing, stress free zone. Even a small outdoor fountain can be a beautiful focal point. Therefore, while you could go with a large fountain, you can also get tons of enjoyment from the smaller models as well.

Copper Fountain

A popular choice for outdoor water fountain is made from copper. The reflection of the sun or moonlight is magical and copper is a great materials that can withstand the elements. The best way to care for a copper fountain is to use distilled water. Now, if the fountain runs from a water line, then this would be impossible. Therefore, choose a fountain that has a recirculating pump and reservoir so you can fill it yourself, using the distilled water. This will keep deposits from building on the copper that then turns into algae. Additionally, distilled water helps cut down on odor.


If you go with a barrel type fountain, you can simply keep the water clean using a small net. Then about every month, completely drain the fountain and replace it with clean water. If you do not keep any type of fish in the fountain, you can purchase special products that help to keep the water clean but if you do have fish, choose a few cleaners that will eat algae so the fountain looks great and does not have a bad odor.


The best thing to remember when buying an outdoor fountain is to choose one that has a good pump. This way, the water continually moves and the fountain stays cleaner. If the fountain is made from glass or stainless steel, a simple damp cloth will work wonders. Every week, wipe down the surfaces, again to stop the growth of algae.


The nice thing about outdoor fountains is that most are easy to maintain. With scheduled cleaning, you should not have to do much to keep the fountain running optimally. For this reason, more and more people are adding fountains to their property. By choosing a fountain for your home, you can sit back with family and friends and just chill to the gentle sound of water.

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