Water pond fountains are an excellent way to improve and enhance your backyard. You can place these fountains on your deck or patio and because they come in so many different sizes and styles, you will have many different options regardless of the size of your space. Take the hand carved slaved fountain for example. This particular fountain is made from natural slate and designed with multiple tiers. The water flows from the top basin where it flows from one tier to the next, creating a beautiful waterfall that ends up on a reservoir filled with river rock or pebbles.

Another fantastic option for water pond fountain is one made with two tiers and again, hand carved from slate. For this fountain, you can choose from three standard sizes that include 14, 18, and 24 inches. The sound produced by the flowing water sounds like a natural brook in the middle of a forest. You can find this fountain made in a special type of slate that comes from Mariposa, California.

Next is the charcoal slate that comes in two and three tiers. Also available in three sizes, this fountain has a rustic yet elegant appearance. Charcoal slate also comes from Mariposa, California and to create this type of water pond fountain, it is carved carefully and meticulously. Then, the fountain is carved and smoothed out by hand so the finished product is perfect. From the top tier of the slate water tumbles down into a larger base at the bottom, sitting on a terra cotta bowl that is waterproof.

One last example of a water pond fountain is the design made from jade. This two-tier fountain is gorgeous, almost too beautiful to use as a fountain. Absolutely, stunning, this specific fountain is made from slate that comes directly from China. Each piece is carefully carved, chiseled, and smoothed out like glass, all by hand. The water gently flows out from the top slate tier into the larger slate bottom. These tiers rest perfectly on a waterproof terra cotta bowl and the sound of the water so relaxing.

This pond fountains are different than pond fountains that rise out of a lake or pond. The pond fountains described above often flow in a contained area and feature various designs.

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