If you want to add a fountain to your backyard but are tired of the same old thing, you will be pleased to learn that the market is flooded with many unique designs. Whether choosing something as a stand-alone, for a garden pond, to hang on the wall, or a cascading style fountain, you will be amazed at the options on the market today.

Take the 11-foot lighted fountain designed for a residential lake or large sized pond. This fountain is truly the king of kings, designed with a built-in pump that is maintenance free. With this particular fountain, you get a full 11 feet of spray that is nothing less than incredible. This fountain is extremely easy to install, has a slick, compact design, and includes an integrated powerful 2400 GPH pump, located inside the floating base that works to anchor to the bottom of the water. With this, you do not have to worry about installation. Once the fountain is on, it shoots up wonderful lights that will amaze everyone.

Another unique yard fountain is called a micropondless, which is compact, maintenance free, and perfect for places where a pond would not be a good option. This is a beautiful fountain that creates the soothing sound of trickling water and because it requires very little space, you can place it just about anywhere. This fountain is very easy to install and will produce a fantastic visual effect in minutes. With this fountain, you get everything you need such as the pump, pump assembly, piping, liner, underlayment, installment kit, and even instruction booklet.

A third option to consider is very unique. This four-in-one fountain has an adjustable head so you get to enjoy several displays. Included in this kit is a pump with a 10-foot cord, bell-shaped fountain fittings, pre-filter that can be used over and over, the adjustable head, and extensions. The result is a stunning bell shaped water fountain or the high fleur-de-lis, low fleur-de-lis, or lotus, all magnificent.

Then, there is the frothing fountain, which is a great looking fountain that people love. This fountain is very easy to install and because of the nozzle design, creates what appears to be a miniature geyser. If you have a Koi or other fish pond, this particular fountain can also be used to create oxygen. The water produces a little more forceful sound, which is very nice.

You can install the frothing fountain vertically, or if you prefer, above the water level, giving you two completely different looks. Made from strong and durable plastic, the fountain has one-inch stainless steel housing. No matter what you choose, your yard will look stunning.

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