Today, you will find many homes that feature outdoor water fountains. Most include some type of statuary or spitter, and some are designed with waterfalls. These outdoor fountains provide the perfect environment for gathering with family and friends on the weekends where you can just sit back and relax to the sound and visual beauty of the water.

While you would certainly enjoy this type of water fountain, some people prefer something unique, some type of fountain that no one else has. The good news is that because many people are looking for originality and creativity, fountain manufacturers are having a great time coming up with interesting and cherished design options.

Just imagine having a water fountain attached to your privacy fence or trellis, featuring some type of water basin and a gecko or iguana that spits into the basin. You can be sure your family and friends will be intrigued. This type of unique water fountain is just one that you will find on the market today. You can add some beautiful climbing plants that intermingle around the basin, giving it a mysterious type appearance.

The great thing about this and similar types of water fountains is that people will simply think you have added some décor on the fence or trellis, having no clue it is actually a fountain. Another type of unique water fountain is the lion on the wall, again spitting into a basin below. While you can choose from a number of finishes, the patina and copper seem to be the most popular. This particular fountain is attached by drilling through a wall, allowing the water pipes required to be hidden from sight.

The Neptune and overflow shell is another beautiful and unique water fountain. The sight is very whimsical and the sound of the water soothing. You can get the same effect from the leaping fish and small or large shell bowl fountain. One type of fountain that has become very popular in the past few years is the Celtic dragon spout. If you have an archway leading into a garden area, this would be the ideal choice. With this, the patina or turquoise planter overflows into a five-gallon bucket located underneath.

Next, the planter portion of the fountain is supported by a metal grill so any water splashing is returned to the bucket via plastic sheeting situated under the pebbles. From there, the pump, which is located on the brick at the bottom of the bucket helps return the water to the spout using the supplied pipe, which again, can be affixed to the opposite side of the wall so it is not seen.

Finally, if you have a smaller area but still want to enjoy the fun and relaxation from an outdoor water fountain, you might consider one or two lizards. The water lizard is truly beautiful and can be attached to a wall where they spit into a basin or you might add a pond below. By adding several lizards to a wall, you will be creating a focal point that your family and friends will love. These adorable water lizards come in several styles and sizes so you can be sure there are some that will be perfect for your outdoor area.


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