Tiered garden fountains have become the trend seen around the country. Since these fountains come in so many different styles, shapes, and sizes, they can easily be used on a balcony of an apartment or a deck of a mansion. As you will discover in this article, your choice of tiered garden fountains are truly amazing. Best of all, these garden fountains are not expensive. Therefore, if you want to enhance the appearance of your home or garden, you can and at an affordable price.

Tiered garden fountains come in manufactured or handcrafted options. As you can imagine, those made by hand are stunning and probably a little more expensive but worth the price. The fountains are made so you end up with an original piece of art that produces a clean, soothing sound of water. In addition, you can purchase a tiered garden fountain in styles that include tabletop, outdoor, and floor standing.

When you buy a garden fountain that is handcrafted, you will find that each piece is meticulously placed to create an elegant and balanced appearance. To give you an idea of what you can expect to find, the three-tier garden fountain is one of the most popular options. Hand pottered by a master artisan, the terra cotta is fired using nonporous, durable glaze so the surface does not become crusted with algae and water deposits. This garden fountain can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors and runs on a quiet but powerful water pump.

If you want something with a little flair, then perhaps the mini-asymmetrical garden fountain would be more to your liking. This fountain is designed with four-tiers, again hand pottered with terra cotta clay fired so algae and water deposits do not form on the exterior. This fountain is designed so water flows continuously up through the top tier pool, then cascades down the pools of the lower tiers and finally into the ceramic basin at the bottom. The four tiers sit on a pedestal that fits into a groove designed in the top part of the pedestal for perfect balance.

The European Italian garden fountain is another amazing style. All handcrafted, this fountain is also made from terra cotta clay that is fired at high temperatures, using nonporous, durable glaze. With the water flowing down the tiers of the fountain, there is also a flower planter at the base underneath the ceramic water basin. With that, you can enjoy the soothing sound of the water while also planting real plants and flowers for color and fragrance.

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