If you have an outdoor swimming pool and want to add some life, some pizzazz, then you might consider adding a swimming pool fountain along with beautifully colored lights. With so many choices, for both above and in-ground pools, you will be impressed by the immediate transformation. If you like, you can choose a fountain along with submersible lights that add elegance or if you prefer, a soft flowing fountain with floating solar lights, which are fun and simply, beautiful

For instance, you might thing about a standard, three-tier fountain that is sophisticated and stunning. For an above ground pool, there are smaller fountains with standard lights that help illuminate the entire pool. Then, you could choose an LED lighted pool fountain, which is simply wonderful. Now, if you have a larger swimming pool and love to throw parties, then perhaps an underwater light would be the best choice so people swimming at night can see.

Let us talk about the three-tier fountain first. This graceful fountain has a spray adjustable from seven to sixteen feet in the air. The design is unique, allowing you to attach it to your existing pump within minutes and with ordinary tools that you have around the house. In addition, this fountain can be used in your swimming pool, or if you prefer, a courtyard or indoor entry. This particular style of fountain comes with a fountain base, fountainhead, anchor, and plumbing kit.

Next, is the above ground pool light, which produces more than 200% light than incandescent pool lights. With the directional water flow device, you will enjoy better circulation, which means your pool will actually stay cleaner as well. This type of light is excellent for setting the mood for nighttime swimming. Then, you can quickly add on different colors of lens such as red, yellow, or blue to create more beauty.

The next type of swimming pool light to consider is the LED pool fountain. The result of this is a blend of soothing and vibrant color while you enjoy the magnificent flow of the water. Designed as triple tier fountain, the visual effect is magnificent. The nice thing about this swimming pool fountain is that you can enjoy your pool simply by looking at the fountain. Extremely easy to install, you will have the fountain and lights set up within minutes to enjoy.

Finally, there is the underwater light for a large pool. Many times, family and friends love to play games at night or see where they are going underwater, which is where this light would come in handy. Illuminating the entire pool, the 50-watt lighting is perfect. Many of these also come with a timer that will allow you to set the light up to five hours. These four are just a few of your many options when it comes to swimming pool fountains so when you are buying, consider your options.


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