Resin is a material created by blending a number of things such as calcium, polypropylene, chemical additives, and pigments. One of the reasons many fountains, especially the outdoor models, are made from resin is that this is a very strong substance that will withstand the elements. Therefore, as your fountain ages, it will remain strong and looking great.

In addition, resin fountains are naturally stain resistant. The reason is that the polypropylene is a by-product of oil refining processes. With this, the resin fountain is highly resistant to moisture, chlorine, salt air, and food stains. For that reason, you can place your outdoor fountain just about anywhere without having to worry that it will be ruined by unsightly stains.

In addition, resin fountains are great for health reasons. The substances also make this type of fountain resistant to bacteria, fungi, and germs while the calcium in resin makes the fountain rigid and durable. While many fountains harbor germs, this is a nice choice, especially if you have children around that will obviously want to stick their hands in the water.

Resin fountains have many other benefits such as color. Since resin can be colored however you like, you could choose a neutral based fountain or go with something vibrant and colorful. You will even find many beautiful styles of resin fountains that are multicolored. For example, there are fountains with a neutral base, enhanced with colorful flower, animal, or other motifs. Regardless, the fountain will look amazing.

Then, one problem often associated with outdoor fountains is that the sun causes them to fade and begin to look used and worn. However, the chemical additives used to make resin are also resistant to fading, heat, static build-up, and UV light. That means you can set the fountain directly in the sun and not have to worry if it will begin to fade. Instead, the fountain will last for years, while always looking new.

Resin fountains are very affordable, making them something everyone can afford. The nice thing about this type of fountain is that you can choose a finish and texture that appears just as expensive granite. From a distance, no one would be the wiser, which means you have an expensive fountain at a fraction of the cost. Sure, there are many different types of fountains but for both indoor and outdoor use, you cannot go wrong with one made from resin.

Then, resin is a very lightweight substance. Many wall fountains are extremely heavy, making hanging quite the challenge. However, with resin you do not have this same type of problem, allowing you to hang the fountain just about anywhere. This type of flexibility is just one of the many reasons more and more people are turning to a resin fountain over other materials.

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