If you have an outdoor pond, chances are you are already enjoying the soothing sound of trickling water. In fact, ponds can take even the most stressed out person and help them relax. If you want to enhance the appearance and benefits of your fountain, then you might consider adding a pond fogger. With this, you enjoy something magical as mist floats up off the water, creating “fog” within seconds. Since no chemicals or dry ice is used to produce the misting fog, you do not have to worry about small children, animals, or fish. Sitting there with friends or family, enjoying outdoor time with the pond and its fog is truly amazing.

These pond foggers used ultra-sonic sound waves and most come with a removable floating ring and outdoor transformer. That means you can place the pond fogger on the bottom of your pond, enjoy fog within seconds, and know the fogger is 100% safe. Today, the line of pond foggers has expanded so both small and large ponds can produce the mystical fog. Some will also come with LED lights to create even more dazzle.

The pond foggers come in single head styles or those with multiple heads. The ones with multiple openings deliver 30% to 50% more fog than what a single head would produce. Therefore, if you have a larger pond or simply want more fog, go with a multi-head fogger device. Again, we recommend you choose the floating ring, which means the pond fogger will float on the top of the water. With this, you still get the same beautiful fog but the fog will move about as the fogger travels on the water. In fact, some pond foggers come with a remote control or you could purchase one separately. That means you can turn the fogger and/or lights on and off from the comfort of your chair or hammock.

With the three-disk fogger and LED light system, you will enjoy beautiful fogging along with colorful lights. Once you turn the lights off and you make yourself comfortable in your favorite chair or hammock, you can sit back and relax. Then you have the option of a five-disk head, again with an LED light. With this, your pond will become mystical within seconds, mesmerizing all your friends and family.

Of course, if you are serious about a pond fogger, then you should consider the nine-disk and LED light. Although this pond fogger is the higher priced model, it is super powered with nine disks that create fog up to 10 feet in diameter! Simply place the pond fogger in the center of your pond or fountain, and enjoy the beauty it produces.


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