If you already have an outdoor water fountain or are thinking about adding one to your backyard, today, the opportunities will astound you. While you can still choose from the traditional type fountain, you have many more choices. In this article, we will provide you with some of the additional options to consider. In addition to design, fountains on the market today are made from copper, slate, granite, resin, and concrete. Then, you could choose from a fountain that is free standing, one that hangs on the wall, one that sits next to a pond, and many others.

No matter what fountain you choose, the goal is to create something unique that will bring the soothing sound of water to your deck or patio. With this, you can sit outdoors with friends or by yourself on a lazy afternoon and simply enjoy the peace and quiet. A wonderful option is to go with a solar powered fountain. Yes, you can add a self-contained fountain that creates the soothing sound of water all run by solar power. The nice thing about these fountains is that if you ever move, you take it with you. These fountains are beautiful, require no installation, and work amazingly well.

If you want a smaller fountain that you can place on your deck or patio, then you might think about a different type of solar powered fountain. With this, the fountain has a barrel or some other type of basin whereby water flows from a pottery jug, creating a soft, trickling sound. This type of fountain comes with a versatile solar panel mountain kit so you can position it for optimum performance. The finish is all hand crafted and the fountain completely self-contained. All you have to do is add polished river stones for effect and the fountain is complete.

Probably one of the most popular types of outdoor fountains is the wall unit. With this, the fountain literally hangs on the outdoor wall, creating a beautiful piece that sounds wonderful. The wall fountain is available in many different materials to include granite, iron rock, and resin. The fountain recirculates the water so you do not have to have an existing pond or pool to enjoy it. With the finish on all sides, the fountain looks great from any direction. Best of all, this fountain is simply hung up, meaning no installation.

Although there are many other styles of outdoor fountains, two others include the waterfall fountain and tiered fountain. With the waterfall, you would enjoy cascading sheets of water as they flow down rocks, granite, or whatever the fountain is made from, falling gently into the pool below. With the tiered fountain, you can purchase these in two, three, or more tiers. Typically, these styles are a little more on the contemporary side but look absolutely beautiful in any outdoor area. Just remember, there are literally hundreds of options so enjoy shopping around for the perfect outdoor fountain

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