To enhance the appearance of your outdoor fountain or pond, you might consider adding fountain lights, which can completely, change the appearance. Outdoor fountain lights come in a number of different sizes, colors, and styles that create a wonderful place to sit and relax. After dark, there is nothing better than sitting outdoors in a comfortable chair, simply looking at the water and the various images produced from the lights.

For instance, you might consider small halogen fountain lights that come in 5, 10, and 20 watts. Even a 5-watt light will make a huge difference in the appearance of your fountain, whether clear or colored lens are used. Many times, people will go with the colored lens of red, blue, yellow, and green, enhancing the water along with any fish or plants that might be living in the fountain or pond. Keep in mind that fountain lights can be used in all size fountains and ponds so even if you have a small, deck fountain, the lights will look beautiful.

Just remember that if you go with halogen lights, they must be submerged underwater. Therefore, when shopping around, make sure you look for that word, “submersible”. IN addition, to use the halogen lights outdoors, you need to have it hooked to a 12-volt AC system, and be using an outdoor transformer. With this, you will have the comfort of knowing the setup is safe so you can enjoy the lights without any worry. Something like the smaller halogen lights will cost you less than $20 in most cases.

Now, if you want to separate different sections of the fountain, you can use a double light instead of a single light. For example, you may have a statue that you want highlighted on one end of the pond and then greenery on the other end. Another option is the 10-watt metal clad spotlight. With this, you can set it flat or tilt it toward a focal point of the fountain. In addition to choosing the clear light, this too comes in a number of colored lenses.

You can also choose a pond light with transformer that will illuminate your pond without costing a fortune. This pond kit is low voltage, comes with an all-weather indoor/outdoor transformer, as well as a 20-watt halogen light. Then, most of these kits will also come with four colored lens covers, again in red, yellow, blue, and green. Being multi-directional, you can have all the light focusing on the water itself or position it to shine on a statue, greenery, or any place you like. Finally, the unit comes with three suction cups that help keep the pond fountain lights in place. This too must be submerged, so the suction cups help keep it in place and the unit is weighted so it stays below the water.


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