As you will discover in this article, when it comes to outdoor fountains, the sky's the limit. For years, you had just a few options from which to choose from and while some were nice, they left little to creativity. Because of the huge explosion in interest, the designs of outdoor garden fountains have completely transformed where today, you can find anything imaginable. We will provide just a few of the hundreds of choices just to give you an idea of what to expect when you start shopping.

One popular choice is the arch wall fountain, which is a remarkable addition to any deck or patio. This fountain is actually very versatile, making a nice choice for a walkway or right on the outside wall of the house. In addition, arch wall fountains are made from quality materials that are designed to weather the elements. Affordability, lightweight, and convenience are other benefits. This type of fountain is typically available in several colors and many include special motifs such as flowers for something a little extra special.

You might also consider a large garden fountain that would be placed on the deck or patio itself. Made from fiberglass, this type of fountain is easy to move about and the wrought iron accents create a touch of class. This fountain comes with a recirculating, electric pump and five-foot of cording. Although you can find this style of fountain in a number of sizes, one of the most popular choices measures 55 inches wide by 19 inches deep by 79 inches high. As you can see from the dimensions, this is a large fountain that makes quite the statement.

If you love flowers, then a formal garden fountain would be a nice touch. With this, you would have a unique fountain unlike any other. Completely made and painted by hand, this has a beautiful flower design that is glazed and then fired at high temperatures. The result is stunning and designed to last for years. This type of garden fountain would look beautiful in an English garden or on a magnificent deck. This too comes with a recirculating pump and its all porcelain construction is simply hung the wall and enjoyed.

Another hand finished fountain resembles tiered jars with cascading water. The detailing is magnificent, giving this a soft, inviting appearance. This fountain is made from resin, which is a very lightweight but durable material. The jars all twist and turn, which creates a unique design that makes a great conversation piece. Measuring 20 inches wide by 26 inches deep by 26 inches high, this is a nice size fountain.

Finally, if you want elegance, then you will find several designs that perfectly balance contemporary shapes with water as it cascades down glass panels. What makes this fountain so special is that the glass panels have special designs, which might be a flower, fern, or even some type of etching. This creates a beautiful illusion that adds to the tranquility of the fountain. The reservoir is constructed from stainless steel with a durable powder coat finish to keep the fountain from erosion. Because this type of fountain is considered an "all weather" style, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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