When shopping around for a new fountain, you will probably be surprised by all the options. With new styles, sizes, shapes, and materials, keeping up can be difficult. Today, homes and offices across the world have fountains. Some people will choose a small, desktop, or tabletop fountain while other people choose huge wall fountains. Regardless of the type of fountain you plan to buy, you want the best style for your money. To help you understand all the various options, we have provided a fountain glossary of some of the more commonly heard terms.

Acrylic / Resin – From a technical perspective, this natural resin has been modified, synthetically or chemically, along with fillers, pigments, stabilizers, and other components to form plastics.

Ceramic / Glass – Nonmetallic brittle, heat-resistant, and corrosion-resistant material made by shaping and firing

Copper – Gorgeous red/orange material with a magnificent luster often used for fountains

Distilled Water – Purified water by distillation, preferred for indoor fountains

Fogger – Device used with some fountains to create a fog-like mist

Metal – Stainless steel, tin, steel, and so on

Nature Sounds – Device added to some fountains to create natural sounds such as wind chimes, birds, thunder, waves, etc

Slate – Fine grained metamorphic rock that is split into thin, smooth layers. Because of this, no two pieces are identical.

Stone – Rock that comes in all forms

Water Clarifier – Type of fountain protector that keeps the water from sludge, stains, and mineral deposits.

Wood - Often a popular material for the decorative portation of both indoor and outdoor fountains.


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